Author: Fellowship of St. Moses the Black

Racial Reconciliation interview with Fr. Dn. Jonathan Reavis

Dn. Adam Roberts is conducting a series of interviews around the issue of racial reconciliation. Today’s interview is with FSMB board member Fr. Dn. Jonathan Reavis of St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church in Kansas City, Missouri. They discuss racial reconciliation and how Jesus has been with the oppressed throughout history.

“For the Church to truly be the Church, we’re going to have to be in the places where no one wants to be.”

The Glorified Black Body of Jesus

The fact that so many of us cannot identify with the struggle of Black men and women in this country is perhaps indicative of our failure to recognize Christ—and the Church—as Black. Black people bear the damning mark of stereotypes, all too often resulting in their mistreatment or even unjust death. But Christ and the Church are always found with those that are left out and marginalized.

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