Akathist To Our Holy Father Among The Saints, Moses The Black

Kontakion 1

Mighty ancient desert dweller of the Egyptian Thebaid, your life is an everlasting memorial of the reconciliation between God and man. In you we see the fullness of the fruits of repentance. Guide our steps onto the path of salvation as we call on your all-powerful prayer. Rejoice, holy elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom!

Ikos 1

In the days of your youth, as a gang-leader you were a ravenous Wolf slaying sheep and murdering men. Yet in a moment of truth, God acted invisibly on your conscience as you was about to commit a crime, opening the door to the Way, the Truth and the Life. Following your path toward the Light we sing these praises:

Rejoice, model of correction for those who have gone astray.
Rejoice, you who died to earthly pleasures and resurrected in spirit.
Rejoice, you who came out of much tribulation.
Rejoice, oasis of faith in the desert of unbelief.
Rejoice, ancient treasure map for those seeking the pearl of great price.
Rejoice, for you found the Kingdom of God within your heart.
Rejoice, holy Elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom!

Kontakion 2

En route to great stature in grace, you travelled the path of lowliness, seeking counsel in all matters concerning spiritual life. Burying the instructions of the Fathers deep within your heart you always sang to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 2

As you possessed self-knowledge and then ascended to wisdom on high, many seekers came to you for spiritual guidance. With a pure mind you taught in simplicity, revealing hidden truths to all who would listen. Help us now to understand and do God’s will in our lives as we call upon you:

Rejoice, you who taught with power and not empty words.
Rejoice, for your mind was renewed by prayer of the heart.
Rejoice, island of refuge for those sinking in the sea of temptation.
Rejoice, wellspring gushing forth with the words of life.
Rejoice, for the house of your soul was not built on the sand of worldly knowledge but on the rock of Christ’s commandments.
Rejoice, holy Elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom.

Kontakion 3

A brother came to you for a word of instruction and in your wisdom you revealed the mystery of silence by saying, “Go to your cell and your cell will teach you everything.” Marveling at your insight we raise up our minds unto God singing: Alleluia!

Ikos 3

Through fire and water you passed in your struggle to conquer the lusts of the body. In your quest, you warred against nature itself, depriving your body of food and sleep. By spending the nights hauling water for the brethren you prepared your soul to become a habitation for the spirit. Yet still being tormented by this passion, you was forced to call upon God for deliverance. Seeing your thirst, the Lord has brought you into a place of everlasting refreshment. Through you we have learned to rely on God and not ourselves, and so we praise you:

Rejoice, victorious conqueror in the war against the passions.
Rejoice, general in Christ’s army.
Rejoice, valorous spirit in battle.
Rejoice, beacon of the light overcoming the principalities and powers of darkness.
Rejoice, you who were made strong by surrendering your weakness to God.
Rejoice, for the arrows of the enemy cannot touch you.
Rejoice, holy elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom.

Kontakion 4

Amazed by the conversion of your life and even yet more in awe of your spiritual ascent, we see that truly all things are possible with God. Not lingering on the surface of newly found Orthodox faith, you dove into the depths of apostolic Christianity. So now inspire us to enter into the heart of hearts, sensing the Kingdom within as we cry to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 4

In fleeing the vanity of the world, you desired to live in obscurity so as to be free from the glory of men. But as a city set on a hill cannot be hidden, so too the splendor of your virtue could not be concealed. You tried to hide your identity by telling those who sought “the great Moses” that he was a man of depraved character. By reviling yourself you escaped the trap of vainglory, but when the wisdom of the humility was found out, all glorified your Father in heaven and now we praise you:

Rejoice, you who crucified your flesh to become poor in spirit.
Rejoice, you who found joy through mourning.
Rejoice, Israelite who saw God in the purity of your heart.
Rejoice, you who are filled with everlasting righteousness.
Rejoice, you who were reviled yet kept silence for Christ’s sake.
Rejoice, and be glad for great is your reward in heaven.
Rejoice, holy elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom!

Kontakion 5

O Moses, you travelled from the kingdom of Ethiopia to the land of Egypt in order to slay the spiritual Pharaoh. Now free from the bondage of the oppressor, you chant eternal praise to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 5

Behold all you who seek God, a new Moses has appeared in Egypt liberating those who were shackled in mental slavery and leading them into the promised land of faith, hope and love. Free in spirit we sing these praises:

Rejoice, you who climbed the mountain of God.
Rejoice, you who were transfigured by the light of Christ.
Rejoice, chosen by God to be a leader of the people.
Rejoice, you who passed over the sea of temptation dry shod.
Rejoice, deliverer of souls down pressed by sin.
Rejoice, holy Elder Moses, righteous teacher of true Spiritual wisdom!

Kontakion 6

When the counsel of monks gathered together to judge a brother who had transgressed, you taught all by carrying a leaky bag of sand into the midst of the fathers, saying, “The sands are my sins running down behind me which I cannot even see, and yet I have come to judge another.” In this way, you taught all the path of self-reproach and humility. Marveling at the wisdom given to you, we chant to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 6

Unbeknownst to you, your words would be a testament of desert wisdom even unto this day. Together with all those monks who, throughout the ages have been guided aright by your words, we cry out to you:

Rejoice, counselor of divine intellect.
Rejoice, forefather of philokalic wisdom.
Rejoice, ancient mystic.
Rejoice, you whose mind’s eye was opened by grace.
Rejoice, seer of spiritual reality.
Rejoice, holy elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom!

Kontakion 7

Seeing the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in you, your former gang members were also led to thoughts concerning the meaning of life, death and the path of salvation. Convicted by the purity of your life, they too changed their evil ways and followed thee, learning to cry out to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 7

Once a thief and a robber but now a good shepherd, you are even at this moment calling lost sheep back to the straight and narrow way that leads to everlasting life. Pray that our hardened hearts and our darkened minds take heed to your call as we sing these praises:

Rejoice, perfection of renunciation.
Rejoice, guide of all who struggle to put off the old man and be clothed in Christ.
Rejoice, good seed that brought forth fruit an hundred fold.
Rejoice, you who through remembrance of death didst attain unto life.
Rejoice, you who passed through the valley of the shadow of death.
Rejoice, for your soul found rest in the still waters of Christ.
Rejoice, holy elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom!

Kontakion 8

As a true rebel against the spirit of the world, you left off all attachment to temporal things, forsook your past life like a dream, and fled to the utter desert to be alone with God. Admiring your courage we glorify God: Alleluia!

Ikos 8

Unaware of your physical strength, a band of thieves foolishly tried to rob your cell of earthly treasure that did not exist. Never missing a chance to save a soul, you tied them up and dragged them into church. In truth, you took the Kingdom unto your brother by force, showing him the power of faith. Marveling at your mighty works we praise you:

Rejoice, solid foundation of brotherly love.
Rejoice, you who took no thought for food and raiment.
Rejoice, you who followed the way of the cross by daily struggles.
Rejoice, you who went from strength to strength to reach the Kingdom.
Rejoice, courageous soul that conquered fear by perfect love.
Rejoice, you who ever abides in God.
Rejoice, holy Elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom!

Kontakion 9

The angelic choirs were amazed at your prophetical end, as you foretold to your disciples, “He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” And so it was to be–you were slain with your disciples as sheep led to the slaughter, raising them up as brethren with you in the Eternal City, crying out to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 9

Wondrous things are spoken of you, O holy Elder Moses, for the Most High Himself has established you within His holy gates. Calling upon your heavenly intercessions, we on earth cry out:

Rejoice, prophet of the Most High.
Rejoice, apostle of Christ.
Rejoice, preacher of the Good News.
Rejoice, holy elder of devoted disciples.
Rejoice, prince of the King of Kings.
Rejoice, saint pleading before the throne of God for suffering humanity.
Rejoice, holy Elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom!

Kontakion 10

Wishing to save the world, the Saviour of all has sent a brilliant star to shine upon those lost in darkness. Seeing your life as a light in the night, teaching, enlightening, and guiding us, we cry out to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 10

You are a saving hand, O Father Moses, pulling up all who are drowning in a world of hate and confusion. Reaching out to you, we ask for guidance in this life of trials and temptations. Ever hoping in God’s mercy we cry out in faith:

Rejoice, uplifter of the downtrodden.
Rejoice, guardian of the soul in despair.
Rejoice, consolation of those who weep.
Rejoice, calm harbor for those tossed on the waves of this life.
Rejoice, redemptive sufferer.
Rejoice, you who lead us to seek the peace that surpasses all understanding.
Rejoice, holy elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom!

Kontakion 11

As a co-struggler with the great Arsenius, you shared a bond of unity in the monastic mystery. While Arsenius practiced silence, you exercised charity; sacrificing quietude to receive weary pilgrims with hospitality. With love you fed many hungry souls, giving them strength to sing: Alleluia!

Ikos 11

True to the vision of the Elder who saw great boats on the river, in the one was Arsenius with the Spirit of God traveling in silence, and you were sailing in the other, accompanied by the angels and feeding a monk with sweet honey from the honeycomb. As recipients of your loving kindness we give thanks to you in this way:

Rejoice, warm heart of tender mercy.
Rejoice, you who crucified yourself but show indulgence towards others.
Rejoice, you who laid down your life for your brother.
Rejoice, river flowing into the sea of compassion.
Rejoice, you who’s Christianity was formed in the heart and manifest in deed.
Rejoice, you who accepted strangers as Christ Himself.
Rejoice, holy elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom!

Kontakion 12

Timeless preacher of repentance for all who find themselves astray from God’s love, you gave hope to the hopeless reminding us that there is no sin that exceeds God’s mercy. Moved to compunction, we offer our tears and sacrifice our broken hearts crying out from the depths of our souls to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 12

Now dwelling in the heavenly Zion, you partake in the majestic glory of the Almighty. By your all-powerful prayers, beseech Him to grant us the strength to overcome the temptations of sin and send down upon us peace and great mercy as we sing these praises:

Rejoice, you who didst overcome the world.
Rejoice, flaming fire ablaze with the love of God.
Rejoice, guiding star of wise men.
Rejoice, you who was lifted up on the wings of the Spirit.
Rejoice, you who flew away to the heavenly homeland.
Rejoice, you who dwell in the bosom of Abraham.
Rejoice, holy Elder Moses, righteous teacher of true spiritual wisdom!

Kontakion 13

O holy and righteous elder Moses, brilliant sun shining down rays of hope upon a world eclipsed in darkness: Hear our supplication that we offer unto you; help us who seek God’s truth to be steadfast in fulfilling Christ’s commandments, and save from the pit of Gehenna all who cry to God: Alleluia!

(repeat 3 times)

Repeat Ikos 1 and Kontakion 1.

Prayer to St. Moses

You forsook temporal riches, earthly fame, and fleshly pleasure and freely chose a life of poverty and deprivation to become rich in spirit. Having tasted the momentary sweetness of sin, you foresaw the bitter end that awaits a life of self-indulgence. Having stained your hands with the blood of your brother, you foretasted the anguish of hell. From this pit, you cried out to God Who raised you up as a testimony of His almighty power. In your ascent to near the Living God you did not spare yourself but willfully endured a life of hardship and struggle. By following the path of the Cross, your soul was empowered by the might of the Holy Spirit, your mind was illumined with the understanding of things divine, and your heart was filled with the burning love of God for thy fellow man. And though you lived in ancient times and in a distant land, today we find ourselves faced with the same struggle to overcome the evil that lies within us. In these perilous times, we call on your prayers—help us! For our brothers and sisters are dying daily and our children are born hopeless in a world barren of Christian love. Amidst these trials, we waver because our faith is weak and we know not how to endure suffering courageously. Pray that we be strengthened to live uprightly, walking in the light of the holy Gospel, ever seeking to do the will of God. And in the dreadful Day of Judgment, pray that we may be received with His Unoriginate Son, and His most holy and life creating Spirit, to whom belongs all glory, honour and worship, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.