Loneliness or Fruitful Longing

Transformative Wisdom Series, Volume 1

Loneliness or Fruitful Longing is for pastors, counselors, and people seeking hope for their own loneliness. It explores loneliness, its causes and its cures. It describes human vulnerability to loneliness from personal, social, and economic perspectives. It describes the impact of loneliness on physical and mental health, suicide, abortion. Finally, the book proposes spiritual approaches to resolve loneliness. Loneliness or Fruitful Longing expands on a talk originally delivered at the 20th annual Ancient Christianity and Afro-American Conference.

Author: Nun Katherine Weston, MA, LMHC

Published: 2014

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Race, Identity, and Reconciliation

Transformative Wisdom Series, Volume 2

Race, Identity, and Reconciliation is for anyone who seeks to be part of the conversation on the shifting paradigms of our times. The chapters are expanded from talks presented at the 22nd and 23rd annual conferences of the Brotherhood of Saint Moses the Black.

Different regional views on human value, race, and faith are at the heart of an ongoing national struggle over the identity and direction of the U.S. What insights can the Orthodox Church contribute as an expression of Christianity that was not involved in African slave trade or economy?

Author: Nun Katherine Weston, MA, LMHC

Published: 2016

List price: $10.00. Available for purchase here.

Illumining Shame, Anger, and Forgiveness

Transformative Wisdom Series, Volume 3

Illumining Shame, Anger, and Forgiveness examines these intrinsic human experiences through the complementary lenses of biblical faith and modern psychology. How does shame remind us that we have lost Paradise? What does anger have to do with family and social roles? How can we learn to welcome returning “prodigals”?

Author: Nun Katherine Weston, MA, LMHC

Published: 2017

List price: $12.00. Available for purchase here.

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Wade in the River: The Story of the African Christian Faith

Wade in the River is a fresh approach to the faith of Africa and its contribution to the world. Starting with the Biblical accounts of significant Africans, then passing through early Christianity, winding through the Islamic period, pressing past Western slavery, and finally arriving at the present era, the book describes the riches of ancient, African Christianity. This book fills an important gap in the need for people from all ethnic backgrounds to rethink the idea that “Christianity is a white man’s religion.”

Author: Fr. Alexii Paisius Altschul

Published: 2001

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An Unbroken Circle: Linking Ancient African Christianity to the African-American Experience

Ancient, apostolic, Orthodox Christianity has gone full circle, from continent to continent. From Christ to His Apostles, from the Apostles to ancient Africa, from Africa to America, and from black Americans to their sons and daughters. The ancient African Christian tradition is beginning to be passed on and take root in America today, growing out of the seed of the blood of the black American slave-martyrs for Christ.

Authors: Fr. Alexii Paisius Altschul,Fr. Moses Berry, Fr. Damascene Christensen, Fr. Antonius Conner, Fr. Deacon Kinfu Dibawo,P rofessor Albert Raboteau, Fr. Jerome Sanderson, Dr. Carla Thomas, Nun Katherine Weston

Published: 1998

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