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Akathist to St. Moses the Black

Akathist for Healing

Canon for Racial Reconciliation

Life of St. Moses

“Saint Moses the Black lived during the fourth century in Egypt. He was an Ethiopian, and he was black of skin and therefore called “Murin” (meaning “like an Ethiopian”). In his youth he was the slave of an important man, but after he committed a murder, his master banished him, and he joined a band of robbers.

Because of his bad character and great physical strength they chose him as their leader. Moses and his band of brigands did many evil deeds, both murders and robberies. People were afraid at the mere mention of his name. …”

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Interview with Dn. Turbo Qualls

Ancient Faith Radio’s On Social Justice podcast

December 12, 2014

“Mariam speaks with Turbo Qualls, president of the Southern California chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black. …”

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St. Moses the Black, A Patron Saint of Non-Violence

by Pieter Dykhorst, December 7, 2011

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“An aspect of Moses’ learned humility is captured in a story in The Sayings of the Desert Fathers and is found on the icon on our cover. The story comes in a few form sand recounts a time when Abba Moses was asked to come help settle a disputes involving an offense committed by another brother. St. Moses refused. Eventually,he was prodded to come, so he arrived with either a basket or a sack on his shoulder width a hole in it, trailing sand behind him. When asked what this meant, he replied,according to a different version, “My sins run out behind me and I do not see them,and today I am coming to judge the errors of another.” At his words, the brother was forgiven, restored, and the meeting dismissed. … “

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