2021 FSMB Conference: Online

Join us this weekend, October 8-9, for our 28th annual conference! We will be gathering online for the second year, so there's no need to travel and it's not too late. Registration only costs $25.

This year we are using an all-in-one conference website that will allow us to listen to the talks as well as participate in breakout sessions, workshops, and informal fellowship together.

The conference begins on Friday at 5:30pm Eastern time with an Akathist prayer and the first talks, and continues through Saturday.

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Two Trials, Two Tombs

Like many Americans I followed the high-profile trial from the opening statements through the historic verdict. There were certainly many hopes and fears riding on it that were far greater than the specific incident, decedent, or defendant. George Floyd’s death flashed into global consciousness as a symbol, not as an incident. His tomb represents everything …

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2020 Conference: Sparks amongst the stubble, those on the margins

Through his own personal story, as well as through lessons, stories, and data from READI Chicago, Eddie Bocanegra explains the effectiveness of dealing with the trauma of gun violence through cognitive behavioral therapy and city, state, and national collaboration. Personal story I’m Eddie Bocanegra. I run READI Chicago, one of the largest violence prevention programs …

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2020 Conference: The Impact of Education Innovation in Grades K-12 for Communities of Color

Presented by Gregory M. Weston, Trustee of Democracy Prep New York Schools The Challenge Communities of Color (COC) in the U.S. are challenged today as never before. The disparate impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on Communities of Color have laid bare the existing inequities in our healthcare system. Prior to the pandemic chronic health …

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