Now available: Foundations 1994-1997!

Vol. 1 of the Unbroken Circle Series

Good news for those who have been waiting to purchase An Unbroken Circle, which has been out of print for some time. This new book is a replacement and updated edition, and the beginning of a new series of books based on talks given at our Conferences over the years.

This collection of talks from the foundation years of the Fellowship of St. Moses the Black Conference, 1994–1997, shows the deep resonance between the faith of the early Church and the heartfelt Christianity born out of the experience of the enslaved Africans on the American soil. Indeed, the “sad joyfulness” that characterized the African Desert Fathers and Mothers of the 4th century and that permeates traditional Christianity today, is our legacy from the suffering Church of the enslaved African-Americans, our elders in the faith. Now that the link between America and the African Christian tradition is restored, the time has come to embrace the Unbroken Circle which is our rich heritage from the past—and our hope for the future.

List price: $19.95. Available for purchase here.

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